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We believe childhood should be joyful and wholesome where life's earliest memories include climbing trees, catching frogs, and making mud pies. We believe curiosity, empathy, and love are the truest and most fundamental aspects for a foundation of learning. We believe it is every child's right, as an integrated part of the natural community, to develop a foundation of academic skills through encounters in the natural world. 

To nurture natural learning, we provide an environment that is supportive and safe and encourages discovery, experimentation, and thoughtful inquires. We offer plenty of free, unstructured play that encourages problem solving, creative thinking, and facilitates healthy social interactions.

Key principles of our approach

  • Child-led

  • Play-based

  • Emergent curriculum 

  • Inquire-based learning

  • Place based education

  • Environmental stewardship

  • Nature immersion in a variety of weather

  • Respect 

  • Study of the natural world and local habitats

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